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Ginger Cat Page desktop image

Please feel free to download this image of 'Simba' the Ginger Kitten for your desktop picture.

To download a file to your desktop (PC) right-click > save to disk, (MAC) ctrl-click > save to disk.

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Ginger Cat Page designs

You can now purchase T-shirts, mousemats and mugs featuring Ginger Cats from the Ginger Cat Page! We are now an affiliate of, who provide high-quality products, print locally to you across the world, and have a 4-day turnaround. The T-shirts are 100% cotton; the mugs are made of a quality 15 oz ceramic, and are dishwasher and microwave safe; the mousemats have cloth tops and are washable. All products are currently priced at 10 UKP (approx $15 USD).

N.B. Update, Summer 2005, Unfortunately seem to have gone out of business, so no T-Shirts are available at the moment... hopefully will find another good printer soon. If you can recommend one, then please leave a message in the guestbook.

Please select the design you want from those shown below.

N.B. when you are on the t-shirtzoo website please also remember to tick the correct box for T-shirt, mug or mousemat. Note also that the mug design may not display correctly on the t-shirt preview, but will print correctly on a mug.
Personally I'd recommend the t-shirts as being high-quality.

E-mail this address to request another ginger-cat design.




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